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Rooted Spirit was birthed as a devotional offering of vitality for the collective web. Rooted in deep love and reverence for all Mother Earths children, Rooted Spirit serves much like the ancient mycelium below our feet, as an integrative network of offerings to guide others back to nurturing, sharing, and embodying health on all dimensions to feed the web we all weave. Rooted Spirit offers heart-centered whole-istic guidance, practices, coaching, and education on how to reunite with the sacredness of living a vibrant, connected life, in right relation with the Self, all beings and the cycles of Nature. Rooted Spirit is an Indigenous (Schaghticoke Tribal Nation) Woman owned business seeking to elevate the health and resiliency of our human and ecological communities


Jesse Rose (she/they) is the Creator of Rooted Spirit. She is a teacher, guide, and mentor of how to be in right relationship with the body, mind and Spirit. Through her degree in Health & Human Movement Sciences and her education and training with Functional & Primal Based Movement, Holistic Wellness Coaching, Herbalism, Yoga, Sound Healing, Alchemy, Plant Spirit Medicine, the 7 Scared Directions, Astrology, Flower Essences, Native Healing Traditions and Medicine Woman ways, Jesse Rose weaves her experiences into a tapestry of art with health as the focal point. Jesse Rose serves as a bridge for science and spirituality, spirit & matter and the plant & animal kingdoms

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Explore how you can bring the medicine of the Earth into your life

what's the tea? podcast

Episode 2

The Medicine of Grounding, Walking the Barefoot Path & Honoring Synchronicities

On this episode of What’s the Tea?, join us for conscious sips with our intentional cups of tea as we connect over practices that support grounding, slowing down, connecting to nature, and ourselves

In this episode we connect over the love for our planet's biodiversity through a sustainable and (whole)istic lenses
Join us for an inspiring & motivating episode with guest, Ben Merrick who warmly encourages us to come closer to the Earth by bringing awareness to our individual dynamic worlds

Episode 7

Holistic Skin Care Health: The Portal Into Self Discovery & Cyclical Living

In this episode we are honored to be joined by Jessica Sailer, owner of Function of Being, for a juicy conversation around holistic skincare and how when we connect to the largest organ in our body we become more in tune to our rhythms, patterns, and cycles

In this episode guest Zach Fisher guides us through many topics from being an artist to animal tracking, to sit spots & primitive skills. Zach reminds us to go back to pause & move at a slower pace with intention, returning to our roots & all of the lessons we can learn when we slow down and exist alongside of nature rather than outside of it

Episode 3

Coffee, Climate Change, Sustainability & Coming Closer to the Earth

Episode 9

Slowing Down: When "Productivity" is Not so Productive + Coming Home to Nature, Primitive Skills & Animal Tracking

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